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Company Profile and Philosophy

Roofing & Waterproofing Forensics, Inc. is simply and solely a full-service commercial roofing and waterproofing consulting firm.  Our specialty is the investigation and diagnosis of all facets of water intrusion and leaking into habitable spaces regardless of the source such as roofs, flashings, walls, windows, decks, subterranean structures, EIFS, etc.

We are most often called on to solve long-term problems that have confounded others and to date have never been able to be fixed.  Our commitment is to provide thorough and factual information utilizing state-of-the art technology as well as years of experience, education and success.

Among our clients are building owners, facility and property managers, major universities, architects, general contractors, insurance claims adjusters, and attorneys.   Just about anyone seeking unbiased, in-depth information about roofing and/or waterproofing systems and the specific details on the causes and sources of building leaks and how to solve them should call us.

For those seeking
truthful, accurate information

For those who only 
want cheap fast solutions.


Areas of Expertise

Roofing & Waterproofing Forensics, Inc. has investigated over 3,000 roofing or waterproofing systems over the past 12 years.  We specialize in finding leaks and making recommendations for permanent repair.  A number of our consultants have been involved in the roofing and waterproofing industries for over 20 years.

Because of our reputation for accuracy, fairness, and truthfulness, we often get called for the more “challenging” projects.  We have investigated literally hundreds of wind and earthquake damage claims as it relates to roofing.

We have served as expert witnesses for roofing and waterproofing, related sheet metal and many other sources of building leaks for both Plaintiff and Defendant and as a neutral 3rd party on over 500 construction defect litigation cases. 

Roofing systems

Asphalt and coal tar pitch built-up roofing

Cold process built-up roofing

APP (torch applied) modified bitumen roofing

SBS (asphalt applied) modified bitumen roofing

Fluid-applied elastomeric roofing

Fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt roofing

Single-ply roofing:  PVC, CSPE, CPE, EPDM, TPO, etc.

Standing seam and architectural metal roofing

Copper and lead-coated copper roofing

Asphalt shingles

Clay and cement tile

Wood shakes and shingles

Waterproofing systems

Bentonite clay waterproofing

Fluid-applied, rubberized asphalt, below-grade waterproofing

Fluid-applied elastomeric waterproof coatings

Pre-formed, sheet applied waterproofing

Investigation of moisture-related flooring failures

Expansion joint systems

Water repellent/waterproof coating evaluation

Traffic and pedestrian deck coating systems

Parking Structures   

Wall Systems


Exterior Insulated and Finish Systems (E.I.F.S.)

Masonry and cavity walls

Window and curtain walls

Metal Cladding systems


Why Choose Us?

Versatile staff with an accumulation of over 100 years of experience with roofing/waterproofing systems.

Extensive experience with virtually all types of roofing and waterproofing systems and all sources of building leaks.

We have an excellent reputation.

Because we’re really the best.

Our reports are thorough and easy to understand.

We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly errors, omissions or uninformed choices regarding their roofing and waterproofing decisions.  Generally speaking, the earlier we are involved in a project, the more likely you are to save money and avoid frustrating delays and potential law suits.

We are honest.

We can backup what we say.

One of the largest groups of Roof Consultant Institute certified Registered Roof Consultants and Registered Roof Observers in any one office on the West Coast.

We have a huge library of resource material.

We have state-of-the-art equipment for leak investigation and documentation (moisture meters, boroscope, digital still and cameras, electronic publishing and mail capabilities, etc.).

Don’t choose us if…

You are not looking for a proper long-term solution

You are not seeking the truth

Cost is your most important consideration



Roofing and Waterproofing Forensics is proud to have been an integral part of the roofing and waterproofing systems design for The Getty Museum project from 1989 through 1998.  We also provided related inspection services observing the installation of most of the vertical and horizontal waterproofing systems.

We sincerely hope that you will take the opportunity to view the museum for yourself.  We believe you will appreciate the masterpieces of artwork as well as the beauty of the buildings and grounds that make up the museum.  The Getty Museum was designed to be appreciated for many generations. 



I have roof leaks.  Will you come look at my house?

Roofing & Waterproofing Forensics, Inc. concentrates primarily on commercial, industrial and institutional buildings as well as high-end custom homes.  Typically it is not cost effective for the average homeowner to call us for a simple leak.  


Will you ever look at a single-family residence?

People call us when they have given up hope of stopping a leak or they suspect that a contractor did not install their roof according to Building Code, material manufacturer’s requirements and generally accepted good roofing practices.  We can evaluate the conditions and make recommendations for repair/replacement.  


How much do you charge?

We charge by the hour.

The hourly rates vary for the various employees depending upon their expertise.  Generally we review a project in order to prepare a Proposal of Fees.  Give us a call at (800) 968-7766.  If you give us a little more information, we can give you an idea what the fees might be.


Will you guarantee me that you will find my leak(s)?

Due to our vast experience with leak detection, we usually find the source of the identified problems fairly quickly.  It is extremely rare for us to go back for a second look.  On occasion, if there are numerous leak sources, it may first be necessary to repair the primary sources and obvious openings. After the initial repairs are complete, then we can do additional water testing to verify that all of the leaks have been repaired.  If after additional water testing other sources may be discovered that require additional repair.  If we make recommendations and the building still leaks, then we go back to review the situation.  Generally, the repair contractor has failed to follow our directions.  If, however, the contractor has completed the work according to our recommendations and the building still leaks, then we will reinvestigate the problem at no additional charge.  Based upon our experience, there is probably less than one chance in 1,000 of this happening.


Can you recommend a good roofing or waterproofing contractor?

Sorry, but no.  Although there are excellent contractors out there, but no one calls us to see their good work.  We only get calls to see the failures.  Your needs – residential or commercial, location, or a specialty requirement like metal roofing – determines the best contractor for you. 

We suggest you call the Roofing Contractors Association for a referral and contact the State Contractors Board for a background check.  Their web site links are located below for your convenience.  


What is involved in a typical leak investigation? 

Leak investigations typically require two people.  First we start with a visual inspection of the interior to locate and document the reported leaks and water damage.  This is followed by visual review of the correlating exterior.  To determine the source(s) of the leaks the Consultant conducts a water test from the building exterior while a technician or another consultant stays inside the building to report when and where water intrusion first occurs.  They usually communicate via two-way radio.  Therefore, interior access would be required so that we may document when and where the water is entering the building and to avoid further damage.

Once we isolate the source of the leaks, it is still often necessary to know exactly why the leak was occurring.  We typically perform intrusive testing so that we can see how the construction details were installed.  Intrusive or destructive testing as it is sometimes called might include removal of small sections of drywall from the interior or larger sections of construction materials from the exterior such as stucco, building paper, door thresholds, decking or roofing material, etc.  This testing allows us to be more specific in our documentation of the defects and deficiencies and possibly allocate responsibility for them.


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